Why do I get Rust Spots on my Silverware?

Although 18/10 stainless steel flatware is highly resistant to rusting, pitting, and other forms of damage, this doesn’t mean that damage will never occur to them – especially if they are not properly cared for overtime. 

Avoid Dishwasher Detergent at All Costs

Two of the biggest culprits that cause rust spots to form on flatware are the heat from a dishwasher and the harsh detergent used in them. Knives in these sets tend to be the most susceptible to pitting over time though.

Don’t Leave in Water

Whenever stainless steel flatware is left in your kitchen sink for extended periods of time, acid from food residue and excessive exposure to water will cause them to start rusting and even pitting. Once pitting starts, there is no way to stop it from getting worse over time. As such, flatware should always be washed as soon as possible after use, dried properly, and packed away.